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Monday, May 23, 2011

Wellywood alternative?

I couldn't let the current controversy regarding the Wellywood sign pass me by without suggesting a caricature related alternative!

I think you'd agree its a little more creative than what's being proposed. The point is that Wellington is filled with artists who would all like to see their art form advertised for all international and domestic visitors to see. So whilst I'd like to see my stuff up there for the duration of the World Cup, why couldn't Wellington creatives be represented on the Miramar hills in such a way? Rather than littering the hill with 9 great big white letters, why not 9 great big white billboards? Every month the billboards would change to represent a different Wellington or Kiwi creative. Whether it be images that represent this month's Comedy Festival or the Fringe Festival or World of Wearable Arts. Wellington has a lot more to offer than just a try hard gimic.

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