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Friday, June 24, 2011


Well I've not produced much in terms of rugby caricatures in the last few weeks but I have been busy with the thing I find the most challenging in my wee artistic universe - promoting my work. However it all seems like this could potentially pay off in the next few weeks. I don't want to jinx anything but there are potential opportunities with magazines, paper and web-based newspapers and possible commissions and exhibitions. All exciting stuff. Whether any of them pay off is a different matter, but for now I'll just wallow in the fact that my work has been recognised and is attracting interest.

Just a sneaky peak (and a potential game of 'Guess who?') of a commission I'll finish off this weekend. I'll post a full version once I've delivered the original to the client.

I'm gonna update my rugby free blog in a bit too, so have a gander if you're so inclined at:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100 days to go!

100 days to go until the Rugby World Cup! My production of rugby caricatures has slowed slightly in the last few weeks. I've been touting my wares around all the All Blacks sponsors and whilst I get positive feedback about the quality of my work, nobody is wanting to take things further. Hopefully I get some favourable news from the NZRU in the next week or so. So I'm still stuck in my day job pushing paper around! Here's Rugby World Cup caricature number 43 by my count, a WIP Buck Shelford.

That Benji Marshall caricature I did the other week went to the Rise Up Telethon, a charity raising money for the Christchurch earthquake. I did them two version, one of Benji in his Tigers strip and one in a Kiwi strip. One of them sold at an online auction with all $700 going to charity:

The other sold at a silent auction at a function Benji was involved in: